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Chill Out core values

Unpretentious as in taking stance against all the pretentions within the wine market, straight forward as in uncomplicated and for everyone, challenging as in always challenging the conventions in our market, inspiring as in fun and easy to like. And finally responsible and honest, as in doing our job when it comes to sustainability and not putting on a costume that does not fit.

So what is the Chill Out personality? Well, it’s all about attitude. We always follow our own path. We try to be brave and confident in everything we do, but still in an uncomplicated and very social way. We are active, creative and love to be in the know.


Chill Out wines are a range of quality wines from all regions in the world. Our wines are smooth, tasty and easy to like. We select our wines from different wine yards in Europe, Australia, South Africa, North and South America to offer you the best quality and a variety of tastes and styles.

To be efficient and kind to the environment, we transport big volumes of wines in bulk to Finland where we bottle and pack them for you.

This, in combination with developing environmental friendly package solutions is a crucial for us in our work with sustainability.

We constantly work on developing our products and packagings to make sure that our consumers to have the best possible tasty, relaxed and uncomplicated moment with our brand.


Our way of taking responsibility for the environment is shown in the smartness of our production, packaging solutions, new products and product features, such as PET-bottles, our Smartbag and RIP-tape boxes for easy recycling. We have organic products too, but would rather like to talk about our on-going process of maximizing sustainability and being environmental friendly.

Read more about responsibility within the Altia Corporation here. For more information about Altia Corporation: http://www.altiacorporation.com